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As writers, we all need something daily to inspire us to continue to write. These tips are my inspiration, which I read every morning to stay focussed. So, today I thought I would share them with you in a hope that they will inspire you into a focussed writer lifestyle.

My tips are: 

1. Write for one focussed hour every day.

Turn off all distractions. Yes, this means Facebook, Instagram and your emails, so basically the internet...go on, turn it off!

2. Have a clean surface area to work.

Get rid of all clutter. You do not need distractions, and creativity doesn't come amidst a pile of rubbish!

3. Cut off everything that affects you.

For example: drinking to excess, eating junk food, staying up late (you can not write anything praiseworthy if you are constantly exhausted).

4. Get up a 4 am and do what needs to be done.

This is me. You choose whatever time suits you, and stick with it! Successful people do what they have to do, not want they want to do. Do you know that the average person, 18 years and older spends eight hours + watching television, and over one hour on social media? Living this lifestyle will never make you a writer!

5. Turn off the internet!

Enough said.

6. Do not look at emails, Facebook or Instagram - FOCUS!

Yes, I know I've already said this. But, I believe this is the number one thing that stops us from writing and allows us to procastinate!

7. Put your characters first and you (the writer) second.

Respect your characters by giving them your time. 

8. Love and admire the people in your book.

Think and see your characters from different perspectives. Write an old character young, and a young character old.

9. Condescension is a writer's enemy.

Do not look down on your characters!

10. Never consider any person in your book less than you or incapable of change.

This is a big one. Characters, even your antagonist is worthy of change.

11. Don't allow moods (upset) to stop you from writing - explore them instead!

Allow moods. If I had an issue going on in my world, I would allow this to affect my writing. But now, I explore all moods and if relevant write them into my story.

12. Create well-being and affection for your world.

For me, this means putting on relaxing instrumental music, or music relevant to my writing and soak in it, meditating on scenes that I may be writing.

13. Book treats for yourself, after achievements.

A long bath 500 words. A walk 1000 words. Massage 5000 words etc.

14. Think character.

What does your character want?

15. Throw mystery into your story.

Don't tell your reader everything. Mystery enables your reader to stay connected.

16. Say what you see, don't try too hard.

Look into corners, and look for things in wrong places. 

17. Don't make your protagonist yourself!

If you do, your book will die a natural death at around 30,000 words.

18. Stop the self-loathing!

Listen. Every writer, regardless of who they are, believes their writing is garbage. But will stick with their story and edit their first drafts until they see an inkling of a gem shine through!

19. Tell a good story, as straight as you can.

Do not try and be intellectual by adding words, you have to look up the dictionary to find out their meaning. This more than anything tells a publisher or agent that you're not professional. Be true to you.

20. Don't sweat the word count!

It is more important to get into a good writing habit. Remember one focussed hour per day.

21. Don't be in a rush.

Slow is good. Create a good habit of writing and you will achieve your dream of finishing your book!

So, writers, it is of the utmost importance that you from this moment on smarten up your act and respect your work. Make a contract with yourself that you will write like a professional who is planning for publication. Having this mindset will ensure your success!