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Authors and Partners

Welcome to Scripter. The boxes for Readers and Writers created especially for you by readers and writers!
We here at Scripter we are big fans of partnering with local brands and authors. We have some of the greatest brands and ideas right in our own backyard and we love to spread the word!

We are looking for brands, influencers and authors who are interested in partnering with us to provide a literary experience like no other. Our boxes are unique to others as we choose and create boxes that are more than just items, they are designed to last long after our readers finish the book. 

Below is an overview of what we look for in our brands, authors and influencers:

For us, each box is unique to the chosen book, for both the Novel and the Writer Box. For this reason, the brands and items put in each box may change month to month. These items are not limited to just bookish items either. At times our novel of the month calls for something totally different, so if your product does not fit the mold of "bookish", we would still love to hear from you! Brands or businesses may wish to partner with us by providing exclusive offers to our subscribers or by providing a service or item to go inside a box. If you are interested in becoming one of our featured brands please email to introduce yourself and start the partnership conversation!

We absolutely love hearing about new and up-and-coming authors, particularly Aussie ones! As a brand we have certain genres and styles we look for in the Novel box, however we are open for conversation. 
Our Novel Box often (but is not limited to) chick-lit, historical fiction, romance (however we do only choose CLEAN romance) and mystery.
If your upcoming novel fits into one of these genres, or perhaps it doesn't but you think it would be a good fit for us, please email:
As we have to pre-read all books in order to ensure that it fits with our vision and brand, we do accept pre-release copies to get a feel of your story and writing.

Influencers and Reps are an important part of sharing a brand to a wider audience. We are looking for established influencers with highly engaged audience who love reading and writing! This is for those of you who want to help build our brand and share the love of reading and writing with others both here in Australia and beyond. This is a way for you to receive our new products to share about on your profiles, channels and blogs.

At this stage we are looking for Reps in Australia. Reps will receive a three month subscription and will be required to post at least 4 times a month featuring our Scripter Boxes and their items (one of which should be a unboxing video or post). Each post should also include your rep code which we will provide for any of your followers to use the first time they shop with us. We request that reps do not merge our products with other brand products in posts to ensure that our brand is clear to anyone who may see your post.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and talking about how we can share the love of books and writing with more people!